S.A.I.L. to success

. February 20, 2013.

The School for Autistically Impaired Learners strives to support and enhance the maximum growth of every student in the cognitive, sensory, social, affective-emotional, physical, functional language-communication and aesthetic domains.  Students of S.A.I.L. typically are challenged with neurologically based cognitive and behavioral differences that affect perceptive, receptive and expressive communication.
S.A.I.L. works to actualize full inclusion with age-appropriate peers in a regular classroom setting, while promoting individualism and each child’s spirit.  The School also provides individualized attention and developmental instructional methodologies and behavioral techniques such as; speech language, occupational, sensory integration and music therapies.  S.A.I.L also encourages parental participation and respects parent’s wishes while implementing the Individualized Educational Plan. 
For more info about S.A.I.L. visit www.sailohio.org or call 419-537-SAIL.