Mary Immaculate School

. February 22, 2013.

A long-standing and venerable resource for the special needs community will close its doors in June of 2013. Mary Immaculate School, which opened in 1960 with a focus on serving and educating children with disabilities, announced its board’s decision to shutter the school due to rising costs and a drop in enrollment and grant funding. Many students who struggled in mainstream classrooms found success with Mary Immaculate’s more individualized attention. “Students who were not thriving in a regular classroom blossomed here,” says Shellie Staudt, principal of Mary Immaculate. Staff and faculty are helping parents and their children with the transition, hoping to guide them towards alternative, but equally supportive, environments. In the meantime, parents are dealing with the loss of what they considered an exceptional resource. “Unfortunately, there are no schools in the area that are comparable,” says Meggin Radlinski, the parent of a Mary Immaculate student and PTO president. “Mary Immaculate has been a dream for us.”

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