Local Resources for Families

As many as 17,500 people in the Toledo area suffer with long-lasting symptoms from a traumatic brain injury (TBI), according to estimates. Traumatic Brain Injury Resource Center (TBIRC), operating in Toledo since August 2014, is a local nonprofit agency which offers inspiration, education and rehabilitation to TBI survivors and their caregivers, without charge.

Traumatic Brain Injury
Resource Center

Jackie Moore, co-founder and executive director of TBIRC, was inspired to start the organization after experiencing and living with a TBI. Suffering through the recovery was not only rough for Jackie, but also for her husband, Michael, who served as her primary caregiver. Based on her experience, TBIRC was founded to assist TBI survivors with developing their speech, memory and cognitive skills; accessing medical resources; maintaining proper nutrition; and becoming independent. TBIRC also provides support for the caregivers of TBI survivors.

Last year was a big year for TBIRC: The organization held its first ever fundraiser and also secured a partnership with Mercy Health. That new partnership is making it easier to access mental and medical resources for patients.

Moore says she has been overwhelmed by the support of the community for TBIRC, which is completely funded by private donations. Patients create and sell items to offset some of the center’s expenses, and the Fall Festival, held in September, will continue as the center’s annual fundraiser.

For more information about Traumatic Brain Injury Resource Center, contact Jackie Moore at 419-214-055, tbirc.org.

Wanted: Teen Mentors

Bittersweet Farms, an organization that serves adults and teens with autism, is searching for teen mentors for their Social Living Club (SLC) to volunteer to help adolescents with autism build relationships with their peers. Teen volunteers will be expected to provide emotional support, friendships and fun community experiences and to display positive attitudes towards academics for teens who have autism. Mentors will be required to attend an orientation prior to volunteering and will be expected to commit to one hour per week for six weeks. No experience is needed.

Contact Taylor Barndt at 419.206.7803 or tbarndt@bittersweetfarms.org for more information.

Special Movie Experience

Have you always wanted to take your child to the movies but, because of their disabilities, you just knew it wouldn’t be possible? Now various area theaters are offering sensory-friendly movies for the children who need it. A traditional movie experience can be a lot for a child with autism or other sensory sensitive disabilities. It is also stressful for parents who want their children to be able to participate in the same activities as other children.

In the sensory sensitive movie experience, the lights are kept on, the volume is turned down, singing along and moving around the room are permitted. Your child with special needs is free to be himself without fear of being judged or being a disruption.

Here are a list of area theatres that
offer sensory sensitive movie
viewing options:

Blanchard Valley School
1700 E Sandusky St, Findlay

Maumee Indoor Theater
601 Conant St, Maumee
You must pre-register for movies at marketsuperschades@gmail.com

Shannon Theatre
119 S Main St, Bluffton
Call theater for movie listings