Keeping their world the same

. February 11, 2013.


Keeping their world the same
Richard Solomon, MD and Medical Director for Mercy Autism Services offers advice for families with children that have autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) that will have your holiday celebrations running smoothly. For those of us without ASD the holidays are a time to celebrate, but for many children with ASD whose theme song is “keep the world the same,” holidays are full of change and anxiety. The noise, changing schedules and the chaos of family gatherings can be a source of stress. Here are some suggestions to help children with ASD join in the holiday fun.      

 ▪ First, make things predictable. If possible, talk to your child the day before to let them know what’s going to happen. No surprises!
▪ Secondly, help children cope with noisy, chaotic events by introducing them gradually to family gatherings and making sure there is a safe place with familiar toys where they can go to get away from the chaos. 
▪ Finally, let relatives know what the child likes and doesn’t like in terms of sensory overload, touching, kissing, eating, etc. And always have a happy holiday!