Jacob Fisher beams toward a touchdown

. November 1, 2015.

The Friday Night Lights were shining brightly during the Timberstone vs. Arbor Hills middle school game in October, but they were nothing compared to the smile on Jacob Fisher’s face. The Timberstone eighth grader’s energy could be felt across the football field. 

Jacob has been a part of the football team since sixth grade, never missing a practice or a game, showing up with passion every time. He suits up every Friday with shoulder pads, helmet and uniform, but his cleats never touch the field while the clock is running. 

He has Fragile X Syndrome, a genetic condition that results in inherited intellectual disabilities, and has hindered his ability to play football. He makes up for it by being the energetic force behind his teammates and basking in his role as equipment manager. 

This particular October night, Jacob’s biggest football dream came to life as he ran 20 yards to score a touchdown. The Sylvania community made it happen with the help of coaches Rob Mackinnon and Nick Josza and the Arbor Hills team, who all agreed to make the final play the most memorable one. 

One look at Jacob, and you know he’s going to go far with his contagious smile. 

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