iDance, iSing, and iPlay

While iDance started as an organization to introduce the world of dancing to children with special needs, Karen Medina, director of iDance, recently decided to add music lessons as another creative outlet for her students. “We just wanted to remove boundaries and allow for artistic expression in a different way.  Music, however, doesn’t have a ‘look’ that sometimes the dance world does.” Karen explains that there are many benefits to studying music, for all students, not just those with special needs. “You work on building memory and it’s also a way to work on creative expression. Sometimes you play a sad song when you’re sad, or a happy song when you’re happy. Music is another way to feel; you’re feeling inside out.” The integrated music classes are “completely open from first grade on up,” but the program is tailored to young adults. The Toledo-based faculty has developed from “professionals through Black Swamp Blues Society and the Toledo jazz community.” iDance is currently in the midst of soundproofing the music room and collecting instruments. Karen explains, “We are still searching for adaptive equipment, such as special benches that a guitar can rest on, stools for drums and tables for keyboards.”

In addition to dance and music lessons, APAC will be holding the
Spring Formal Dinner Dance with dinner buffet, live music, and a photographer and DJ
on May 31, 6-9pm. For more information and tickets, call 419-309-1610.