Green Options for Autism of Lucas County

. November 28, 2012.


When Barb Sabin’s son Patrick approached graduation, she looked at the occasion not with celebratory happiness but with the feeling many parents of adults with special needs experience: anxiety. Patrick’s adulthood meant a new set of challenges. “I saw that there weren’t very many appropriate options for him and other kids with autism,” says Sabin, a special education teacher and intervention specialist. “Sitting at home on the couch wasn’t going to be an option for him, because I believe all of these kids can work. The key is to have a program designed around them that’s built on their strengths and not their weaknesses.” Sabin got inspired and this year started Green Options for Autism of Lucas County, a school for students ages 5 through 22 and an adult services program. Job training is focused on environmental work in a greenhouse or other eco-friendly program, and will teach social and communication skills so that students can thrive in mainstream work environments. There are also goals to incorporate a residential, independent living facility in the future. “I think it gives them purpose, it gives them something to look forward to,” Sabin says. “It’s not about the paycheck — they just want to be thought of as an equal member of society, as they are.” 

For more information on enrollment or opportunities to get involved, contact Sabin at 419-250-0401 or email Green Options for Autism of Lucas County is located at 1660 Amesbury. Visit or —AO