Essay contest winners

. February 22, 2013.

People struggle with disabilities every day, but rarely do they have the opportunity to share their stories — when they do, everyone triumphs. The Lucas County Commission on Disabilities recently honored two Toledo-area students for their compassion and skill with story telling: Jillian Grinos, a senior at Evergreen High School, and Colton Seiler, an eighth grader at McCord Junior High, won the LCCD’s area essay contest for middle and high school students for their writing on the subject “How has having a disability, or knowing someone with a disability, impacted your life?” Grinos, a senior at Evergreen High School, wrote her winning essay about the birth of her sister Emileigh, who underwent open heart surgery shortly after birth, and survives with a mental disability. (Seiler asked to keep the topic of his essay private.)

Grinos' full essay can be seen at —JS