Buddy Walk Celebrates 15 Years

. September 27, 2016.
Photo credit: Erin Kilburn Photography
Photo credit: Erin Kilburn Photography

Building a sense of togetherness and having a feeling of belonging are very important parts of our world. Whether that togetherness is created in a classroom, at a sporting event, or even at a coffee shop with a friend, the idea that you belong can be empowering.

This sense of empowerment is a major part of the mission of The Down Syndrome Association of Greater Toledo (DSAGT), which strives daily to “empower all individuals with Down syndrome to achieve their goals and reach their fullest potential by providing support, education and advocacy not only for the individual, but also their families and communities.”

Throughout the year, DSAGT hosts events, programs, and services that benefit individuals with Down syndrome, as well as their families. Teen programs are offered to provide social interactions for young adults, as well as family events that provide a great networking opportunity. One of the largest events established by DSAGT is its annual Toledo Buddy Walk, held each October during Down Syndrome Awareness Month.


Photo credit: Erin Kilburn Photography

Celebrating 15 years

The Buddy Walk was first formed nationally in 1995 as a way to promote acceptance and inclusion for people with Down syndrome. Over the years the event has grown from 17 walks to over 250 walks nationwide, including one in Toledo.

On October 2, the local buddy walk will celebrate its 15th anniversary. More than 1,500 friends, family members and supporters are expected at the event to help recognize the abilities of those with Down syndrome, share personal stories, and create a sense of togetherness.

For more information on Toledo Buddy Walk 2016 or The Down Syndrome Association of Greater Toledo, visit dsagt.org.

Photo credit: Erin Kilburn Photography

Photo credit: Erin Kilburn Photography

Breakout box:
15th annual Toledo Buddy Walk
Sunday | October 2 | 1 – 5 pm
Fifth Third Field
Register at www.dsagt.org