A whole community

. February 4, 2013.

The bonds between siblings are to be cherished. Sunshine offers Community of Siblings, a monthly program which meets on the first Sunday of every month. The program provides children with developmental disabilities, and their siblings, with the opportunity to enjoy specially selected activities, crafts, music, scavenger hunts and more. Offered again since November, the sessions have been in place at Sunshine for a number of years, but were stopped due to a staff change. The rejuvenated program allows siblings of disabled children to learn about disabilities and coping skills, as well as to enjoy a bit of exercise and creative activity. Children range from five to 14 years old. An application and pre-event registration are required. The next session of Community of Siblings is scheduled for Sunday, February 6, from 1-5pm at Sunshine’s main campus. Call Chris Keran for reservations or details at 419-794-1396. 7223 Maumee Western Rd., Maumee. www.sunshinefnd.com.