Local Author Releases Debut Children’s Book

Nathan A. Jacobs, freelance writer and children’s book author, is visiting Swanton, his home town, to promote his debut children’s book, “Leaving the Pouch,” at the Writer’s Block Book Fair.

The event is taking place on Saturday, October 14, from 10am-6pm, with books for people of all ages and genres. 

Jacobs is a resident of the Swanton community and is taking his first step in the children book industry with this book. The Writer’s block Book Fair is proud to feature Jacobs as one of the spotlight authors, where fans can get signed book and do interactive activities with him.

“Leaving the Pouch” is a charming storybook, inspired by his youngest child overcoming his first-day-of-school jitters. The story follows a young kangaroo, named Lola, who has to build courage to leave Mother Kangaroo’s pouch and go to school for the first time.

The book captures both the fears and excitement that children face when starting this new chapter in their lives. The book has received a lot of praise and good reviews already, especially from parents who view this as a relatable storyline and admire the beautiful illustrations.

The Writer’s Block Book Fair, held in the Franklin Park Mall, is open to all the public and promises to have a taste of all genres for everyone to find their fitting. All visitors can explore the diverse book collection and participate in literary discussions. Families are encouraged to attend to talk to Jacobs about his experiences and celebrate this local author’s achievements, while also understanding how kids feel when they get to the new chapters in their lives. 

Join Jacobs and other local authors and book fanatics on October 14 to join in on the literary adventures. Help welcome Jacob’s book, “Leaving the Pouch,” on many families’ bookshelves where it will stay for future generations to come and see howo this new chapter truly starts.