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Popularity of Juul among teens.

Do You Know What A Juul Is?

Why you need to know what a Juul is.

Rare Childhood Illness on the Rise: What You Need to Know About Acute Flaccid...

It’s estimated that less than one to two in a million children in the United States will contract AFM every year. So exactly what is the condition and how can you protect your family from contracting it?

Back to School Guide 2018

It doesn’t seem possible that it is time to say goodbye to the relaxed days of summer, but alas, it’s August and that means school bells will soon be ringing. As you and your family prepare to tackle a new school year, here are some tips to make the transition to a new grade a little easier on everyone including ideas for juggling school and sports, how you can say goodbye to bullying, and how to prepare your little one for preschool, all in this year’s Back to School Guide.

When the Baby Blues Linger

What do you envision when you picture your first moments with baby? Most likely, the image you see is one of pure bliss and...

Surviving Stage IV Lung Cancer: A mother’s story of hope and action

Bobbi Johnson-Filipiak was in the best shape of her life at the time of her daughter Kate’s birth on December 11, 2012. Bobbi delivered...

Special Needs Guide 2016: Autism in Area Families

You probably know someone, or maybe you are the someone, who has a child diagnosed with autism. One in every 68 American children is...