Let’s do some digging! Fossil Park opens for the year on April 19

Kids and their parents can experience the thrill of searching for evidence of extinct life at Fossil Park. The popular digging quarry opens for the season on April 19.

Featuring a five acre space that is ADA accessible, visitors to Fossil Park are welcome to dig in the ground to unearth fossils from different species of prehistoric life. (The samples are transplanted from Hanson Aggregate Midwest’s quarries about a mile south.)

The digs take place in soft shale, meaning amateur paleontologists can unearth the treasures with their bare hands. Better still, visitors can keep whatever they find on their dig!

As of this writing, attendees to Fossil Park will not be required to pre-register before their visit, as they did in 2020. Visitors are encouraged to follow all health and safety guidelines.

Fossil Park
5705 Centennial Rd., Sylvania