At Home Online Learning Resources and Podcasts for Kids

During this time, things might be crazy at home, and your kids are probably adjusting to their new online schooling. Here are some fun resources to help further their education and keep them entertained and learning. These resources are free or may be offering temporary free access during this time. Academics Play games and watch

Fitness Fun: Time to Move

Get active and expend energy with these fitness activities with a full day of movement. Fitness Challenges Get moving with this fun game from Paperelli for I Heart Naptime. Download and assemble the three cubes—two are activity cubes and one is for timing. Roll two of the dice, and then perform the activity for the amount

Have a Backyard Campout!

Whether you pitch a tent and sleep under the stars, create your own teepee, or just spread an old sheet on the ground, camping in your back yard is a fun way to connect with nature. Plus, you can always head back inside if it rains! Tips for a successful backyard campout: Gather everything you’ll

Mother’s Day May GIVEAWAY: Enter our Mommy & Me Photo Contest!

Submit your cutest, funniest, or goofiest candid mother/child photo–quarantine style–to win our Mother’s Day Giveaway for May: flowers from Hafner Florist, a $50 gift card to Reve Salon and Spa, and newly added, a $50 gift card to Social Gastropub! Moms have been working even harder than usual during this COVID-19 pandemic–taking on the role of

Has COVID Killed Women’s Rights?

A recent article from The New York Times highlighted the discrepancy between the amount of homeschooling, childcare, and household duties that mothers are taking on versus their male counterparts.  Nearly half of men claim they are doing most of the homeschooling; 3% of women agree. The fact that 80% of women say they are doing

Have a Bubble Blast with Kids While Stuck at Home

By Atlanta Parent Editorial Have a bubbly good time with these bubble-themed activities and crafts for an entertaining way to spend the day. Recipes for Bubble-Mania Make your own bubbles with these recipes. Basic Bubbles: Mix two tablespoons of dish soap with one cup of water. Ultra Dawn detergent seems to work best. Magic Bubbles: To create

Celebrating Birthdays During Coronavirus Quarantine

How to still make the day special When you’re a kid, birthdays are a special event…something you anticipate all year long. Kids count down the months and days until they’re one year older. Coronavirus has forced many families to cancel their Spring Break plans, but birthdays shouldn’t also need to be put on hold.  Here

AH-HA! Heritage Sylvania program brings history to kids at home

The history-minded experts of Heritage Sylvania are hoping to inspire curious minds to stay curious during the COVID shutdown with a series of projects entitled Camp AH-HA! Short for “At Home History Adventures,” Camp AH-HA is designed to provide families with fun and unique activities to keep young minds engaged and interested in both their