Yoga for All, Big and Small

The benefits of yoga have long been touted for adults, but recent studies have shown the positive impact yoga can have on kids as well. Yoga can encourage self-esteem and acceptance at an early age, as well as help kids focus on the present moment, calm their thoughts, and listen to their bodies.

Heather Meyer, who attends Mommy & Me yoga at Sylvania’s Harmony in Life with her 5-year-old, Ella, describes some benefits of attending the weekly class, “I would say increased confidence and her ability to relax during final relaxation. The girls are also learning to listen to their bodies and to concentrate on achieving the pose they’re trying to get their little bodies into.” 

She adds, “We felt it was important for our girls to see mom exercise. Instead of going to a nursery, they could see us exercise and how I cannot do it perfectly, and to learn from our mistakes!”

Gale Clark, owner of Harmony in Life  in downtown Sylvania, recognizes the numerous benefits of yoga for kids.

She says, “We want to encourage not only parents, but also children, to experience the mind-body connection. What better way to do that than with yoga and mindfulness.”

To provide both kids and parents opportunities to learn more about yoga, Gale instituted several programs and trainings focused on yoga for kids.


Harmony holds a weekly Mommy & Me class for parents who wish to practice with their toddlers/children on Thursdays from 4:15-5:15pm. This summer, Harmony will also host three Yoga Kids Workshops (ages 4-10) on Wednesdays from 10am-noon on June 18, July 23, and August 13.

For more information, visit Harmony’s website at