Non-Profit Promotes Swimming Lessons

A new charity educates locals on ISR and the importance of swim safety

On May 27, 2021, while attending an awards ceremony for their oldest daughter, Michelle Fox and her husband received a life altering text from their babysitter.

“911 Logan”

Her youngest daughter, Logan, only 2 ½ years old at the time, had been found unresponsive in their backyard swimming pond and was being rushed to Toledo Hospital. In a panic, they rushed to the hospital where staff was doing everything in their power to keep her alive. Hours passed and they realized that it was unfortunately Logan’s time to go, and in the morning of May 28, Logan went to Heaven. 

“There’s more to death than just dying if you believe in Jesus and have that in your heart,” said Fox. “I like to say that she went to Heaven, because that just reminds me that life here isn’t really final.”

While dealing with the grief surrounding the trauma her family had gone through, Fox found an outlet and a way to save others. The Because of Logan charity began as an idea suggested by a friend shortly after the celebration of Logan’s brief but precious life and has quickly flourished with the family’s hard work and support from an outstanding community. 

“[The pastor] said there would be beauty because of Logan, and the words ‘because of Logan’ really stuck in my heart,” recalled Fox. “When we were thinking about the name of our charity, it was not a question: it was Because of Logan.”Mission Statement
“My mission in Because of Logan is to help families that can’t afford the ISR (Infant Swimming Resource) lessons, to educate kids on swim safety, and prevention,” said Fox, adding that her family never wants anyone to go through what they had to only a couple of months ago. She encourages people to realize that yes, while swimming is a fun summer activity, it is also a lifesaving skill that too many children are not taught early enough in life. 

“I’m still learning myself,” she said. “But I’d really like to pass that [knowledge] on.” For those looking to apply to the scholarships, applications should be available via the charity’s website starting in January 2022.

Providing the opportunity to learn and attend ISR lessons to those in need is the first and foremost mission the charity has, but Fox also hopes to add a second initiative further down the road. A secondary mission for the charity would be to help families who have endured and struggled with swimming-related tragedies to pay off any outstanding medical bills, which can quickly add up if individuals don’t have good insurance, or any at all. Before her own insurance kicked in, she knew that her bill was tens of thousands of dollars, and could not imagine struggling under that financial burden after what had happened.

100 percent of the proceeds from every fundraiser and event that Because of Logan receives will go directly towards those scholarships for those who cannot afford ISR classes. Just this past summer the charity already had a wildly successful t-shirt fundraiser, selling 362 shirts and raising $9,330!

Their next big fundraiser will be a two-day event, October 1, 5-9pm and October 2, 11-4pm, hosted at Heban’s Field of Dreams in Grand Rapids, Ohio. “Friday, October 1 is geared towards adults, will have food trucks, local beer tastings, live music, and ways to win some fun prizes! Saturday, October 2nd is all about the kids! There will be bounce houses, a corn maze, face painting, and more.” 

What do they still need to make this event rockin’? Local businesses have been providing awesome product donations for those grand prizes on both days of the event, and more are still encouraged! Everyone else is welcome to donate any gift cards, no matter the amount, and any unopened bottles of wine. There are various drop box locations in the area, but if you are unable to make it to one of those, then you can contact Michelle Fox through the charity’s Facebook or Instagram accounts.

One Last Thing
“I really want to express my gratitude to the public, because without their support none of this would be possible,” said Fox. “It’s truly been incredible; I’m speechless and truly humbled by everybody’s’ love and support. It’s gonna make a difference, and I’m really excited to see how it unfolds.”

For more information on upcoming events and fundraisers, keep up to date with the Facebook page.


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