Got Dim Sum?

I dim sum, do you? I first experienced dim sum in Cleveland over 20 years ago and I fell in love. Closer to home my family and I have always enjoyed New Empire Restaurant when our cravings strike for Chinese food. Yet I have continually forgotten they offer dim sum. Actually, they are the only Chinese restaurant in the area to offer dim sum, according to manager Yucy Huang. Remembering this when we would arrive for dinner was most unfortunate timing on my part. Until a few weeks ago…

Dim Sum = YUM

Many of you may be wondering what exactly is dim sum. Simply put, it is a Chinese style of cuisine where the food is usually served in steamer baskets or on small plates. Portions are small and shared with others. Therefore, a variety of items are ordered and shared among guests. It is traditionally eaten earlier in the day, and at New Empire it is offered until 4p.m. every day; with a larger dim sum menu offered on the weekends. In the past I had enjoyed dim sum offered from rolling carts around the restaurant Got Dim Sum? New Empire Restaurant offers dim sum By: Karen L. Zickes and you choose from there what you would like to enjoy. However, at New Empire you order from the menu. They bring about 2-3 items at a time so as to not overwhelm you. Be sure to request a menu with photos if you are unsure of many of the offerings. My oldest mocked me for doing so, yet she was also using the photos herself to make her choices. Tea of course, is customary.

Those who know me understand how much I would enjoy eating like this, as I always want one of everything on the menu. Oh how I would love this offered at every restaurant! Dim sum is the perfect way to sample many different types of foods. Varieties of dumplings, fried or steamed, are offered with dim sum and are filled with shrimp, meat, or vegetables. Steamed buns may be filled with barbeque pork or sometimes something sweet.

We tried the sesame buns, but my children were not fans. We devoured a large order of pan fried noodles with chicken and vegetables as well. The beauty of dim sum with a family is that when you try something the kids don’t like, you’re not out the price of an entrée. You are just all the wiser what not to order for them next time!

New Empire, which opened in 1985, has a loyal following of regulars, and an extensive dim sum menu is offered. They tempt you with 18 choices of small items for $2.85, 20 medium items for $3.25, and large items for $3.95. The four of us tried at least nine items and didn’t break the bank. I was one happy mamma on that Sunday afternoon.

Delectable edibles and friendly staff

Before I delve further into tempting your palate with the array of wonderful dishes, rest assured that if you can’t even interest your younger set in trying fried rice or egg rolls, they do offer several American dishes.

My family has enjoyed shrimp egg foo young, chicken fried rice, beef and broccoli, a variety of noodles and General Tso’s chicken. According to Ms. Huang other popular items are the classic Chinese dishes sweet and sour chicken and Szechwan chicken.

Another constant that has brought us back over and over is the attentive and always friendly service. The staff at New Empire is always so helpful answering any questions or making accommodations you may need, and they truly want you to enjoy your time with them at New Empire. No doubt we will continue to enjoy many meals in the future at New Empire and I am certain I will no longer forget they offer a delicious dim sum. I dim sum. You should too!


Bottom Line

New Empire Restaurant in Holland has offered the community authentic Chinese food since 1985. You will always find a friendly staff ready to make your time with them most enjoyable. They offer dim sum until 4p.m. daily with an extensive dim sum menu for the weekend. I assure you that your children will love the opportunity to try a variety of foods, and if not, there is always the standby hamburger and fries to keep a smile on their faces.

Karen Zickes is a mom of three active children and freelance writer who resides in Holland, OH. She can be reached in c/o .

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