2024 Solar Eclipse and Area Schools Guide

On April 8, Ohio will experience a total solar eclipse taking place a little after 3pm. A total eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth. This will result in the sky getting darker almost as if it were dawn or dusk.

Those of us living in Northwest Ohio are in a perfect spot to see the eclipse this year, and due to this rare moment, some of the area schools are making accommodations to their school schedules. Below are the plans for many of our area schools for April 8. 

Anthony Wayne Schools 

Anthony Wayne Schools will be closed on April 8 due to the eclipse. After discussing the situation with the local emergency management agencies, the school felt it was best to close due to the possible potential safety concerns with the timing of the eclipse and increased traffic in the area. A calamity day will be used for the closing. 

Bowling Green City Schools 

The district will have an at-home learning day on April 8. Bowling Green City Schools is very excited about the eclipse and the learning opportunities it creates for their students; the district has a committee creating lessons and activities that teachers can use leading up to the eclipse. Additionally, the school will be partnering with Bowling Green State University to provide teachers with professional learning opportunities about the eclipse. The school district, through the support of the Bowling Green Schools Foundation, will also be providing each student with a pair of eclipse glasses so that they can safely view the event. 

Maumee City Schools

Maumee City Schools will be on spring break during the solar eclipse, so students will not be in session. The school district will use the solar eclipse as a teaching opportunity leading up to the event. 

Oregon City Schools

Oregon City Schools will be extending their spring break by a day, so students and staff will not be in school on April 8. There will be no make-up day required. Individual classroom instruction will take place prior to spring break to get students excited about the eclipse. A representative from the school district stated, “We encourage families to enjoy this once in a lifetime experience with their children taking advantage of the many community events focused on the eclipse.”

Otsego Local School District

Otsego was able to switch some days around in their schedule and will not be in session on April 8. Additionally the Weston Public Library received a grant and was able to get special glasses for all students to be handed out prior to the eclipse. Teachers will also be discussing the event in their classes. 

Perrysburg Schools

Perrysburg Schools will be closed on April 8.

 Rossford Schools

Students will not be in school on April 8, and staff will have an in-service day instead. The eclipse was taken into account when developing the 2023-24 school calendar, so no make-up days will be needed. 

Sylvania City School District

School will not be in session for students or teachers on April 8. The district planned for the solar eclipse when they developed the 2023-24 school calendar last year. 

Toledo Public Schools

Toledo Public Schools are planning on not having school for students, but are going to have staff report for half a day for professional development. They will use a calamity day to cover the additional day out of school for the students.

Washington Local Schools

Dr. Katie Peters, Director of Communications for Washington Local Schools, stated the school district will be extending their spring break by one day for students, and they will be holding a professional development day for staff members. No make up day will be needed for students as the school has more than the required hours needed built into their calendar. Students will be receiving age-appropriate lessons about the eclipse leading up to April 8th so that they can use the event as an educational experience.