Children’s Discovery Center Launches New Outdoor Classroom 

Children’s Discovery Center announced the launch of its newly renovated Outdoor Classroom for Discovery School Kindergarten classes at its Waterville location. What began as an addition to enhance learning opportunities for students in 2019 has transformed into a new opportunity that is ideal for current COVID-19 guidelines, offering a safe environment for children to discover and explore outdoors. The Outdoor Classroom encourages hands-on learning by utilizing the space to practice various educational skills. Currently, all kindergarten classes at Children’s Discovery Center’s Waterville location use the classroom on a daily basis. Learn more about enrolling at Children’s Discovery Center online or by calling (419) 867-8570.

New business adds colorful signs to yards

For a colorful and fun way to celebrate a big event, Jodi Aiken, along with her sister Abbi Tauber, the Northwest Ohio franchisee of Sign Greeters, are providing a new company that specializes in yard signs for customers who have something to promote or celebrate.  “They’re yard greetings for any occasion –  from birthdays to anniversaries to ‘welcome back to school’ — anything you can think of to celebrate any occasion,” Jodi said. For more information or to place an order, visit

Peace of mind

It can be challenging for families when a child begins exhibiting behavioral problems. But how can you cope?  A Peace of Mind Wellness Center focuses on the mental health of school-age children while also providing counseling for families. Helping kids learn how to manage their anger, communicate better, engage with their peers, gain self control, and attain peace of mind is the mission of the Center. 

Through counseling and treatment, A Peace of Mind gives both children and parents the tools they need to navigate difficult times. A Peace of Mind Wellness, 5734 Douglas Rd. 419-724-1500.

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