Educare Academy Fosters Development Through Safe Environment

The child development center serves infants through pre-K students in a play-based approach

There are few aspects of parenthood more important than coming up with a child development plan that will help your child learn and grow in positive ways. At Educare Academy Child Development Centers, parents can feel safe about putting their child in an environment that nurtures curiosity and fosters discovery.

For over 50 years, Educare Academy has developed 10 locations with five-star ratings from Step Up To Quality, Ohio’s rating and improvement system, that surpass Ohio’s child care licensing standards. Each center is equipped with a highly trained staff that has a deep commitment to providing children with the proper education to reach their potential. 

Educare Academy has adopted a play-based approach to learning, which provides a space to focus on the whole child and their physical, emotional and cognitive needs in addition to academic needs.

Creative Curriculum is used at Educare Academy, too, for preschool. This comprehensive, research-based curriculum helps children develop their confidence and creativity, along with critical-thinking skills that can serve them throughout their entire lives.

Additionally, Educare Academy is part of the Early Learning Academies (ELA) family. This growing network of early childhood learning centers is trusted by parents and led by a team of seasoned childcare professionals.

But Educare Academy’s dedication to its students goes far beyond just their academic progress. Educare Academy also provides extended hours to best accommodate families’ needs, and transportation for families who need extra help in getting their children safely to and from lessons. 

Safety is also a top priority to the staff of Educare Academy. The teachers are all trained in first-aid and CPR, and have undergone extensive background checks; the academy utilizes a secure form of sign in/out technology that gives staff real-time attendance information; and Smartcare, its childcare system, can immediately notify parents of any urgent situations. Plus, with camera-monitored entrances, passcodes for entry and a staff that regularly trains in emergency preparedness, parents can feel safe knowing their children are taken care of.

The primary focus for Educare Academy is early childhood education and meeting the individual needs of each student. Educare Academy sees infants, toddlers, early head start, head start and pre-K, as well as provides school age programs for before and after school and summer camp for continued learning.

Because Educare Academy has 10 locations, the center’s presence is strong throughout the area. Toledo, Oregon and Rossford all house different academies, with Toledo harboring multiple. 

If you are unsure whether or not Educare Academy is the place for you, or would like to see the space up close, the staff encourages prospective parents and children to schedule a tour, meet the staff of each facility and see students learning and growing in real time.

Educare Academy fosters a love of learning and exploration, all while keeping your children in a nurturing, safe environment. The staff looks forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you may have.

To enroll, learn more about Educare Academy or schedule a tour, visit, call 419-704-2009 or email