Capricorn & Aquarius : Horoscope


December 22 – January 20

Your little Capricorn is charismatic and consistently the center of attention. Whether it’s a simple illustration alongside a writing prompt or a detailed art project, his/her work is always noticed. This month your little Capricorn will be full of “I want to GO” energy. Be mindful of honoring that need to discover, learn and move and take some excursions, like visiting the Toledo Zoo or taking a self-guided tour of Holy Toledo!( Caregivers should get their rest because that little Capricorn is going to be full of mental AND physical energy this month! 


January 21 – February 20

Your people-pleasing Aquarius child strives to make sure everyone is happy. Aquarius children are sensitive and empathetic and often uncannily in touch with the emotions of those around them (sometimes to their detriment!). Teach your little empaths to give themselves the same compassion and understanding that they unhesitatingly give to those around them. Often perfectionists and in general more concerned with the welfare of others, it’s important to teach Aquarius children the necessity of self care for their own emotional health. Help your child experience the interconnectedness of nature this month by bundling up to explore one of the Toledo Metroparks (bonus: playgrounds are typically empty during winter months!) or take a day trip to Cuyahoga Valley National State Park.