Abortion Access in Toledo: Current Availability of the Procedure

Few topics in our current society are as controversial as abortion. The word rouses differing and passionate views about a woman’s available medical options. For those confronted with the decision on whether to seek this medical procedure, the answers are never easy. 

The Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe V. Wade last summer was a setback for many women. Despite the pro-life narrative that restricting abortion access will save numerous lives, the reality is that the Court’s action eliminated, or made more difficult, the ability to obtain a safe abortion. There have most always been ways to prevent and/or eliminate pregnancies, usually at the cost of endangering the woman’s life. 

In September 2022, the Ohio Supreme Court overturned legislation passed by the Ohio legislature. Referred to as the Heartbeat Bill, it would prevent any abortion after six weeks. For more information on that decision, read this article, published by Toledo City Paper in December 2022, which includes a compendium of current abortion rights in Ohio and Michigan.

Read on to learn more about the current state of access to abortion, what to expect along with personal accounts of two local women who spoke about their experiences. 

I’m Pregnant – Where Do I Start?

The lobby of Planned Parenthood
The lobby of Planned Parenthood on Jefferson Ave in Toledo. Photo courtesy of the website.

Planned Parenthood is a beneficial resource for reproductive health issues, including abortion. The organization is informational and non-judgmental, and even provides resources for teens, parents, and educators on their website. The website provides information outlining different procedures available — where to find an abortion clinic, updated state laws and a reference checklist

There are a myriad of reasons why abortion could be an option for a person who is pregnant, and each situation is deeply personal. Planned Parenthood seeks to inform individuals of all options available to them so that the individual can make an educated decision. Appointments can be made through the website or by phone. Planned Parenthood does not provide abortion services; however, a referral can be made to a clinic. 

The Women’s Health Center
The Women’s Health Center on Sylvania Ave. in West Toledo.

For those in Northwest Ohio, the closest clinic is the Toledo Women’s Center. Appointments with the Toledo Women’s Center can be made through their website or by phone. Their website currently explains that they are “overwhelmed with requests for appointments,” adding that they “will try to accommodate appointment requests as expeditiously as possible.”

For minors, a parent or guardian must provide a state-issued ID and birth certificate. If this is not possible, a Judicial Bypass, garnered through Court intervention, may be possible. Call the Center for more information at 419-478-6801.

Currently, the cost of an abortion is around $800, though payment options and grants may be available for those who are in financial need. 

Two abortion procedures are available— via medication at home or in-clinic— and the best option for each individual will be discussed at the first appointment.  A follow-up appointment is made for both procedures. 

What to Expect

In Ohio, patients are required to meet in-clinic for their first appointment, to provide information and for educational purposes, including providing the following:

  • Medical history
  • Sexual history
  • Blood work
  • An ultrasound to determine gestational age
  • Meeting with a patient advocate to go over options and answer questions
  • Meeting with the doctor to sign a 24-hour consent, and to discuss procedures and risks involved in both abortion and continued pregnancy

Click here for information on medical abortion.

Click here for information on in-clinic abortion. 

Personal Accounts from Local Women 

Abortion is not a suitable option for everyone. One woman whose story is referenced here was sexually assaulted which resulted in her becoming pregnant. She determined that it was the right choice – for herself – to not terminate the pregnancy, reasoning that it was not her child’s fault how it came into existence, and she delivered the child. Her strength and candid explanation of a very difficult life situation is instructive.

There is a statistical correlation between domestic violence and abortion, and while that analysis is beyond the scope of this article, in both of the following personal accounts, these local woman were involved in violent, unsafe situations, which played heavily into the decisions that they made. 

Woman #1

“The decision [to obtain an abortion] was largely due to the toxic relationship I was in, paired with an unhealthy relationship with my mom. As soon as I found out I was pregnant, my first thought was abortion. I was 19 and not in any way prepared [to be a mother]. 

I had to pay a deposit and then, because it was within 8 weeks of the beginning of pregnancy, I was able to go back the next week for the procedure. The staff was compassionate. The male doctor was fairly nice…he explained everything as it happened, but after it was done [I was left] to go on with my life.

The whole experience that day felt dark, secretive and strange. Almost unreal, or like a very vivid dream. After [I got home] I felt high for the rest of the night, and then for a few days I was quite sore. I didn’t receive aftercare education other than what to expect for bleeding.

It wasn’t until several years later when I found myself not wanting my (technically third pregnancy) that I started to have emotional and mental anguish over doing it again, or if I should have done the first one at all. I experienced even more emotional turmoil when I decided I was ready to get pregnant and [my child] was conceived. I felt selfish and undeserving for a while.

Women seeking abortions, for any reason, should make sure they are comfortable with the location, the staff – including reception and medical staff – and especially the doctor. She should be sure she has any questions answered prior to consenting to the procedure. She should consider the type of abortion she’d prefer, if she’s provided with a choice, and…she should know what to expect as far as recovery, physically.

Most importantly, women seeking abortion…should also access psychological help as well, both before and after. I believe understanding the emotional stress that comes with aborting a pregnancy is something no woman is prepared for and the emotional effects are not fully known until after the fact.”

Woman #2

“I was in an abusive relationship and I didn’t want to bring a child into that situation. I wasn’t ready to be a mother. 

I do not regret having an abortion. The man I was with almost killed me due to his violent behavior. I had a protection order put in place and ended up moving to a different state for my safety. I can’t imagine dealing with all that and involving an innocent child, not to mention I wasn’t ready to be a mom. I’m still not ready to be a mom, and this happened three years ago.

Even though I have no regrets, I still struggle with it mentally. I am trying to find a therapist, but not just because of the abortion. I have childhood trauma on top of the trauma created by my ex-boyfriend. 

Women should have the right to decide what to do with their bodies. Abortion is never an easy choice to make. Instead of shaming women for having an abortion, we should be providing them support, because it is never easy, mentally or emotionally. 

Many people have anti-abortion opinions until they need one. No one ever expects to be in that position. I know I didn’t, but I am grateful I was able to get one, despite the emotional baggage that comes with it. 

There needs to be more focus on the mental and emotional effects women face post-abortion, instead of trying to prevent those abortions. It is no one else’s business what any woman chooses to do with her body…we know what is best for us.”

Post procedure suggestions

Seeking therapy after an abortion is highly recommended, as these two brave women have suggested, but that therapy may not be readily accessible. All-Options is a support hotline dedicated to “support people without judgment in all their experiences with pregnancy, parenting, abortion and adoption.”  Abortions Welcome, another resource, is a “a pro-choice spiritual companion for use before, during and after abortion.” Both organizations offer a plethora of information regarding abortion related topics, with an emphasis on support, in a nonjudgmental environment. 

Finding yourself in a situation where abortion may be an option is never easy. Despite the political environment we are in currently, there are options, and women have rights. Educating yourself thoroughly is the best way to determine what is best for your body and your life circumstances. 

Planned Parenthood of Toledo:

1301 Jefferson Ave.

Monday, 11 am-6pm
Tuesday and Wednesday, 9 am-4pm
Thursday,10 am-4pm
Friday, 8 am-3pm
Saturday, 9am-2pm

The Women’s Center:

1160 W Sylvania Ave.

Hours vary

All-Options Hotline:

1-888-493-0092 Toll-Free
Monday – Friday 10-1am
Saturday – Sunday 10am-6pm

Mama Dr. Jones
YouTube Channel

ObGyn Physician Danielle Jones, MD FACOG discusses all topics related to women’s health in a clear and engaging manner.

Click here to watch Dr. Jones explain the  current situation for obtaining an abortion in the Toledo area.


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