Healthy Holiday Help: Tips To Keep Germs Away

. November 30, 2019.
wash hands

‘Tis the season for colds, flu, and strep throat. Don’t let the winter germs ruin your holiday season! Check out these tips and tricks to stay healthy during the holidays.

1. Keep that immune system strong.

Be sure to drink lots of water and get plenty of sleep. Trading in some of your Christmas cookies for fruits and veggies will also help to boost your immune system. For even more immunity support, or for those kiddos who don’t like their veggies, daily vitamins are a great option.

2. Be aware of germs traveling.

Public transportation and hotels can be a breeding ground for germs. Bring hand sanitizer, use it regularly, and keep your hands away from your face. When staying in a hotel, it’s not a bad idea to bring some Lysol or Clorox wipes to disinfect light switches, remotes, door knobs, and other items that might not be cleaned often but get touched plenty.

3. Be cautious at holiday parties.

As fun as parties can be, keep in mind that the shared utensils at the punch bowl or at the buffet have been touched by everyone before you. Using your own utensils is an easy solution, or even just a quick use of hand sanitizer before you dig in can help kill those germs.

4. Make time for the family.

The holidays are such a busy time that we often forget to relax. Take some time away from the hustle and bustle of holiday readiness and enjoy some relaxing time at home as a family. Going for a walk, reading, or watching a holiday movie can help with mental and emotional health.

5. Sharing isn’t always caring.

When the kids are sick, it’s best to keep them home, and this also goes for you! If you’re feeling under the weather, don’t be tempted to tough it out and continue on with your holiday planning. Take a day to recover and you’ll be back to your holiday fun in no time.