Finding Enriching Childcare

The Toledo Parent Education Guide was published this month and that means parents will likely start thinking about their child's education. There are numerous educational options available for kids of all ages. It's not easy for parents to weigh the options and make decisions but it is important and all factors should be evaluated.

One issue that many families face is finding quality, educational child care. Parents often struggle to find part-time or full time child care for younger kids or before/after school care for older kids. Most options offer a general yet safe supervision of children but not all child care options include an educational aspect. Children greatly benefit from tutoring and additional enrichment opportunities. Some examples of further enrichment include homework help, learning a new language, art, music, or anything else that's important to your family! Families that find a child care option that includes these will enjoy the inclusive convenience. Families that find a child care option that includes homework help, tutoring, or additional enrichment activities will enjoy the inclusive convenience of not having to pay extra and not having to schedule time to drive children around as much after school.

One option is to welcome an Au Pair into your home for a convenient live-in child care option. 45% of available Au Pairs(source: Go Au Pair) have prior tutoring or teaching experience. This is something many families will find comforting. School age kids love having an Au Pair because it's like having an older sibling that wants to spend time with them! Best of all this older sibling type role model is fun but also responsible and reliable!

The Toledo Parent Education Guide is a great resource for learning about the options available to your family. Review all of the options and weigh out the benefits of each before making your decision.

Nikki Khuong is an author, mother, early childhood education expert, and Local Area Representative for Go Au Pair in the Toledo area. Go Au Pair has been providing quality childcare for over 27 years and is designated by the U.S. Department of State as a sponsored agency to provide families affordable child care solutions through various Au Pair Programs.