Aid to Excel: H.Y.P.E.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Health, 1 in 5 adults in the United States has experienced mental illness. The National Survey of Children’s Health states that 1 in 6 children in the United States from ages 6-17 have a treatable mental health disorder. And with the global pandemic, those numbers are sure to have increased. When it comes to mental health issues, there are a number of local options for help.

What is H.Y.P.E?

H.Y.P.E. (Helping Young People Excel) is a Toledo-area behavioral health company that assists those struggling with mental and behavioral health. The organization started as a tutoring service for students in grades 1-9 but, as CEO Claudia Romero stated, “We began to notice education was not the only barrier many of our clients were struggling with. Many showed struggles with anxiety, depression and traumas.”

H.Y.P.E. developed a holistic approach, addressing external and internal struggles, such as mental health awareness.

Services offered by H.Y.P.E. include individual therapy, case management, psychiatric services and day treatment– all supported by professional health care providers. H.Y.P.E. also provides education programs to assist students in summer school, as well as job training programs.

Serving the public, no matter what

Recently, H.Y.P.E. underwent some changes, relocating to the Monroe Medical Plaza. This larger space allows more people to be served while multiple group sessions to take place at once.

With inviting colors and themes in the building’s rooms, they serve people where they are most comfortable, with meetings at their office, in the community or at an individual’s home. To ensure that clients are able to make their appointments, H.Y.P.E. provides transportation to scheduled sessions as well.

H.Y.P.E. also offers integrated telehealth services which aid those in need. According to Romero, “H.Y.P.E. has noticed an increased need in services due to the state requirements of COVID-19 guidelines. We saw an increase in depression and anxiety rising as young people were forced to transition from their everyday routine to being restricted from having face-to-face encounters with others.”

To ensure that everyone received assistance during quarantine, H.Y.P.E. team members, provided with proper equipment, continued to offer their services. H.Y.P.E. also provided clients with headphones— and sometimes even iPads— to ensure they could attend sessions virtually.

With the mental health strains imposed upon so many by the pandemic, H.Y.P.E. has truly been, and continues to be, a lifeline.

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