New Beginnings

Looking Ahead to a Post-Pandemic Life

With businesses reopening, I can’t help but feel like I’ve gotten a new lease on life. The grass looks greener, people seem friendlier and every trip to the grocery store is a joy that doesn’t involve white knuckling a shopping cart while hoping I don’t have to sneeze in my mask again (ugh, the worst). I hope all of you are feeling the same profound sense of gratitude that this edging toward normalcy has given me!

The relief my husband and I have experienced being vaccinated is palpable—  I feel the tension I’ve held in my body for the past year and a half easing up more and more every day. Back in March, when I was closing in on nine months of pregnancy, I talked to my doctor about getting the vaccine. Without hesitation, she said, “Do it!” explaining that my child would benefit from the antibodies both in utero and during breastfeeding. I got my first shot of Moderna while pregnant and the second two weeks after Townes was born. No regrets.

This issue of Toledo Parent is all about embracing the things we’ve missed—  see Family Favorites for fun activities—  and the back-to-basics practices we learned to enjoy in the pandemic—  like family gardening. This issue is a guide for families who are ready to make up for lost time, enjoying the rich experiences Toledo has to offer. Here’s to (carefully) revisiting the Old Normal— hopefully with a new appreciation for all the little moments we might have taken for granted before the virus.

Now go forth and summer!

With love,

Erin Holden

Toledo Parent Assignment Editor