Carey Answers Ohioans’ Questions

The Ohio Department of Administrative Services has recently introduced Carey, their virtual assistant. This is a new system integrated into their public site on October 30. It is used to answer frequently asked questions, including topics from Medicaid, food and cash, child care assistance and more. This will allow for easier and quicker navigation across the confusing website and provide information, resources and guidance about benefits and using the self-service portal account.

To get the full benefits, anyone working with the Ohioans Benefits page online can click the “Ask Me A Question” Carey icon and open the chat box. From here, one should start asking simple questions, using clear and concise language so the chatbot can fully understand the question. However, Carey will not be able to answer questions based on personal information, just general topics and how-tos. If Carey is unhelpful, the chatbot will be able to provide the Ohioans helpful links and phone numbers that can give further assistance. 

Carey will be able to provide guidance and bring even more benefits to the Ohioans that have trouble navigating the Ohioans Benefits website.

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