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How To Support Parents Of Special Needs Children

When Tracy Glock’s 13-month-old daughter, Kira, was hospitalized with Acute Myeloid Leukemia, she was touched by the outpouring of support she and her husband received.

Family Voices of Ohio focuses the health care conversation

Parents and families with children who have disabilities or special needs, regardless of cultural or linguistic background, have had access to services in our community since 1992 with Family Voices.

Serving Teens with Autism

With a stated mission “to positively impact the lives of individuals with autism and those whose lives they touch,” Bittersweet Farms provides opportunities for adults and adolescents with autism to grow, work and live to their fullest potential.

What It’s Like Being an Autism Mom

By Karla Akins 5:30 AM on a Monday morning. I fumble with the keyless entry to my bedroom door after unloading the dryer. I plop the basket of clean clothes on the bed and remember I...

Local Resources for Families

Support at every turn

Toledo Crash focuses on awareness and community

“Did you catch that game last weekend?” It’s the classic water cooler conversation, and for many men (and women) football is a favorite pastime. However, for people with disabilities, participating in football has been...