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Summer Camp 2021

The days are longer, the sun is brighter, the thermometer is rising...summer is almost here! But how will you keep your kids occupied once school is out for the year? It’s time to think...

2020 Summer Camp Guide

Special Advertising Section*With COVID-19, these summer camps are subject to change or be canceled. Please call ahead to confirm availability. Summer Camps allow children to have educational experiences outside of the classroom, to practice social...

Summer Learning Loss is Real: Here are 9 Fun Ways to Prevent It

You can help your kids by providing them plenty of educational and enrichment opportunities throughout the summer months ahead.
Summer Camp Guide

2019 Summer Camp Guide Part 2

We’ve rounded up a variety of camps­— from sleep-away options to sports camps to fun on the stage— to provide something your child is sure to enjoy.
Wide variety of sleep-away camps for kids.

Overnight Camps Cook Up Memorable Fun

Wide variety of sleep-away camps for kids.