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Head of the class

Behind every impressive educational institution and intensive curriculum, there is always a leader who can mobilize their team to make the whole thing a success. We reached out to area educators who have dedicated...

Head of Class 2021

Behind every great school is a great leader. The Toledo area is fortunate to have some wonderful schools with passionate educators who strive daily to make a difference in the lives of children. These...

Kids and Headphone Usage Safety

For months, millions of kids have been obligated to learn virtually at home due to the global pandemic, and it’s likely that will continue for the rest of the year. Although headphones are being...
Jenn Schoepf

West Side Mother and Head of School Illuminates a Unique Educational Environment

Jenn Schoepf, West Side Montessori (WSM) Head of School, always knew she wanted to be a teacher. Twenty-five years ago, with a newly acquired Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, Schoepf walked into WSM seeking her first teaching job. Finding that the Montessori method embodied her passion for education, Schoepf went on to earn her Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education with Montessori emphasis.

Head of the Class 2020

School is where children learn, make their first friends and begin to address who they are as individuals in this big, complicated world. Some of Toledo’s leaders in education weigh in with their educational philosophies and what may make their school the best fit for your child(ren).
Knucklehead’s Kafe mac n cheese

Hey, Knucklehead!

Small town eatery is a local favorite.