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Special Needs Guide

Certified Autism Centers in Toledo

There are 11 different businesses and organizations in Toledo that have become a Certified Autism Center (CAC). We've losted all of them here!

Disability Friendly Toledo: A Resource Guide

The Ability Center of Greater Toledo (ACT) set a goal in 2020 to become the most disability-friendly community in the country. Mallory Crooks, Director...

Sensory Friendly Activities in the Toledo Area

With a child who is sensitive to loud noises and is easily overstimulated, it can be tough to pick which events to attend. It...

Special Needs Kids Often Don’t Respond to Tried-and-True Discipline Methods

Finding healthy, effective approaches to gaining children's cooperation while improving their behavior isn't always easy. The tried-and-true methods often turn out to be true,...

Special Needs Guide

By Toledo Area Parent Staff All children deserve to have the best resources their communities have to offer, regardless of their abilities. Our annual Special...

Special Needs Guide 2020

Resources to help your child thrive For many parents, it can be overwhelming to find relevant resources to help their child with special needs. Choosing...

Special Needs Guide

Local resources for families and children with special needs and personal accounts of family life with disabilities.

Special Is Unique

The key to parenting success? Community.

Special Needs Resource Guide 2017

As parents, we all want our children to be happy, loved and accepted. This is especially true for parents with children that have special...

Special Needs Guide 2016: Autism in Area Families

You probably know someone, or maybe you are the someone, who has a child diagnosed with autism. One in every 68 American children is...

2015 Special Needs Guide

Debunking myths and sharing heart-warming stories

2014 Special Needs Guide

Toledo Parent talked to local experts about the most common disabilities seen in children