Weekly Mental Health Program for Kids and Teens

The National Alliance on Mental Illness to hold workshops to fight stigma

The Toledo chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) will be holding weekly workshops designed for school age youth with a mental health diagnosis and/or who are living with a loved one with a mental health diagnosis. The program aims to give the youth facts about mental illnesses while helping them to develop coping skills in the home, school, and community. It also helps the kids form lasting bonds and friendships with peers living a similar experience. The negative stigma surrounding mental health can be changed as younger generations utilize resources like NAMI to learn about it and find ways to counter how our society perceives the stigma.

The Kids Shop/Teen Shop will encourage participation in fun, educational activities that separate fact from myth when it comes to changing the stigma attached to having a mental health diagnosis. One activity will include a role play exercise which will help your child express what’s going on around them. Parents are asked to encourage their child(ren) to participate in this inspiring series. The Kids Shop is aimed for those ages 7-12 while the Teen Shop is designed for those ages 13-17.

Right now the program will be held virtually over Zoom every Saturday morning from 10am-Noon, through December 18th. Thanksgiving weekend and Christmas weekend will not hold virtual workshops. Throughout the fall program series, parents are encouraged to join their kids to share their thoughts, feelings, suggestions, and ideas on the subject matter presented. All participation and support is always greatly appreciated!

To register for either the Kids Shop or Teen Shop, contact Mary Finch at 419-243-1110 mfinch@namitoledo.org to be placed on their mailing list. Include your full name, email, child(ren)’s name(s), ages, and birthday to get them signed up!

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