Toledo Offers Debt Forgiveness for Outstanding Water Bills

Photo by Bob van Aubel on Unsplash

Individuals who have accumulated a significant past-due water bill balance have the chance to apply for assistance to resolve the amount, thanks to a new program launched by the City of Toledo.

As of October 1, the new water bill debt forgiveness program began allowing enrollees to have their outstanding past balances related to water, stormwater and sewer charges forgiven, provided they remain current on all new charges while enrolled in the program.

Eligible individuals must have 1. past due balances of at least $200 and 2. have a total household income of no more than 200 percent of the federal poverty level (from $25,760 for a household of one, up to $89,320 for a household of eight) or 300 percent for seniors or disabled individuals ($38,640 for a household of one). Tenants are also able to apply, provided they have a signed agreement with their landlord on file.

The program only applies to bills incurred prior to the program’s October 1 launch. Individuals with bills incurred after October 1 may apply for enrollment in an installment payment plan, but not for forgiveness of the bill, under the program.

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