Toledo Area Summer Rewards Programs for Kids

Kids love summertime for so many reasons: days spent swimming, all the sunshine, and – the best part – no school. Directions Credit Union is making the season sweeter for students by offering a few incentives to keep kids from completely shutting the books this summer. 

The local credit union is offering multiple Summer Reward Programs for its young members. Students can stack up the savings for good grades on their report card or for finishing their summer reading list. Here are two of the programs offered this year:

Cash for Grades
All that studying really does pay off. Students can bring their report cards to any Directions Credit Union branch location during the month of June and be rewarded for good grades! With Cash for Grades, for every “A” or A-equivalent received, Directions will deposit one dollar (up to a $5 deposit) into their Youth Savings Account for those members 18 and younger. 

Rewards for Reading
The credit union is also rewarding young members for participating in their local libraries’ summer reading programs. With Rewards for Reading, members aged 18 and younger can get a one-time, five-dollar deposit into their Youth Savings Account when they show a completed library summer reading chart or book tracker. Students can take the completed forms to any Directions branch location June through the first week of August to receive their reward. 

Interested in cashing in on these special reward offers? Your student just needs to be a Directions Credit Union member by opening a Youth Savings Account. You can do that at any branch location with a deposit of only $5. This is a great way to help kids learn the basics of healthy saving and spending. Plus, each time a young member makes a deposit into the savings account, kids can pick a prize from Sparkles’ Treasure Chest.

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