The Olander Park System Rebrands

On January 26, 2023, The Olander Park System’s new name was revealed. The organization has undergone rebranding and is now known as Outdoor Sylvania Community Parks. The new name was created to notify the community of the five connected parks welcoming the community: The Olander, Fossil, Sylvan Prairie, Whetstone, and Southview Oak Sylvania. The organization urges the community to visit all the parks to enjoy all that they have to offer, paying homage to their new tagline, “Explore more.”

Not only did the name change, but the colors and logo did as well to encapsulate what the organization represents: sun, earth and water.

“We are beyond delighted at the acceptance and excitement of our stakeholders and partners during the unveiling of the new brand identity,” said Erika Buri, Executive Director of Outdoor Sylvania Community Parks. “As our community presence has evolved, so has our community impact and values, and it was time to convey this growth. The rebrand has been a year-long process and we hope it helps distinguish our parks from the other park systems, as well as promotes our community-focused and family-oriented atmosphere.” 

With the warmer weather just around the corner, The Outdoor Sylvania Community Parks have something for everyone, from bike trails, fishing and fossil findings to public educational activities, boat rentals and three event facilities. For those who enjoy serving the community through volunteer work, the parks have something for you too!

Although the name, colors and logo of the parks have changed, the mission is the same. Outdoor Sylvania Community Parks wants the community to go outside and explore all the outdoors have to offer.

For more information about the Outdoor Sylvania Community parks and all they are offering the community please visit


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