The Arts Commission 3rd Edition Art Box

The Arts Commission officially announced their third edition of the Art Box, titled “Pattern and Repetition.”

The Art Box program is run by The Arts Commission, and is essentially a box of different art supplies for any age and or skillset that includes quality products from the Art Supply Depo.

Some of the supplies included are dry clay, acrylic paint, brushes, origami papers, and more! The range of art supplies give you the opportunity as the artist to have a wider selection of mediums to work with. 

The Art Box also includes lessons and prompts from featured artists in the Toledo area. The featured artists include Mercé Culp, 4-dimensional artist and designer; Ken Dushane III, muralist, designer, and educator; Nick Felaris, multimedia artist, illustrator, animator, and musician; Mary Gaynier, paper cutting artist; Natalie Lanese, visual artist; Ouizi, painter; Lindsay Scypta, ceramic artist and educator; Sandra Rivers-Gill writer, performer, facilitator, and playwright.

The box is available for purchase online for $50. Sales end on Friday, December 3, so act fast, as only 200 boxes are available! All proceeds will support The Arts Commission program as well as the individual artists. 

Upon receiving your box and creating your artwork, the organization encourages you to post an image of your work on social media with #MyVibrantToledo.

Help support local artists by ordering your box at The Arts Commission website today.

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