Student Resources at the Toledo Library

Do you have students from preschool to 12th grade searching for fun, educational, activities to wind down at the summer’s end? If so, your local Toledo Lucas County Public Library is the place to be! There are many helpful and educational programs for children of all ages, and a collection of books for everyone, with a multitude of genre options!

Continual learning
There is a plethora of educational resources available at the library, live homework help and tutoring for all ages being one of them! It is available through the Library at by using your library card login information. 

Don’t have a library card? That’s no problem; you and your student can visit any local library and sign up for one, or easily sign up for an electronic card on the library website! It will give nearly instant access to all digital resources.

Digital Resources
If you need assistance navigating the library’s website for digital reading, you can sign up for a virtual visit via Zoom, or any other preferred platform. These customized visits also provide story time for students in preschool through third grade with librarians and other special guests, or project research and book talks for teens and young adults.

Book Delivery
In order to allow a wide range of access to library books, you can now request Book Kit Bundles for delivery or pick up at any library location! They are pre-selected with your customizations of genre and grade level.

Within the Library website, you are also able to locate printable worksheets and activity pages on hundreds of differing topics for any age group. If you don’t have a printer at home, the library also assists patrons like you and your student with up to ten free prints per day at any Toledo location.

Visit and sign up with the Educator Newsletter through the Toledo Library website for tips on all available and upcoming resources to help your student learn!