School of Rock in Perrysburg Brings Rock Lessons for Families

When Ron Rothenbuhler’s daughter, Isabella, had a positive experience at School of Rock in Ann Arbor, a major improvement in her drumming skills was just one outcome of her lessons. Rothenbuhler was also so inspired by the School of Rock’s effectiveness that he is now opening his own branch of the franchise in Levis Commons to provide the same opportunity to other local students. After receiving approval for the School of Rock’s final design around January 2023, Rothebuhler is hopeful the location will be open in late June. 

The first School of Rock (now a worldwide franchise) location was opened in Philadelphia by a traditional rock instructor named Paul Green, who found that students learn music better when they learn new skills in a band setting. Since Green opened the first location, School of Rock has expanded to 300 locations across the country. 

The Perrysburg location will teach students guitar, drums, bass, piano, and vocals, as well as feature classes for songwriting and performing. The location will feature several rehearsal spaces and two drum rooms.

At Perrysburg’s School of Rock, classes generally follow the same structure of one weekly private lesson combined with one group rehearsal. The School of Rock website includes a list of programs and a summary of what enrolled students can expect—click here to check out which School of Rock class might be best for your student! 

School of Rock Perrysburg
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