Rudolph Bike Park Brings More Recreational Fun

Located in Rudolph and part of the Wood Country Park district, Rudolph Bike Park is the new community and family friendly hub in our area. This bike park creates a space for everyone, from beginners to those who have been around the trails a time or two. All skill levels are accommodated by the multiple pump tracks that enable everyone to sharpen their skills. 

In case you’re unfamiliar, “pumping” is the idea of creating momentum by moving up and down instead of pedaling. A 1,942-foot pump track is dedicated to riders just using this method on the tracks.

With all this fun comes some rules to keep all bikers and spectators safe. The bike park urges those who aren’t riding to stay off of the path for the sake of both the riders’ and spectators’ safety. Also, wearing a helmet and protection for the rest of your body is recommended, including shin, knee and elbow protection.

The Wood County park district also has many volunteer opportunities for those interested in getting involved. To get started, just read and sign the volunteer handbook and register here! Volunteers opportunities include: 

  1. One time: No experience is needed.
  2. Long term:  Adopt-A-Park, trail or garden 
  3. Group: Community and Scouting 

With free admission, Rudolph Park also provides many recreational opportunities such as camping, geocaching, bouldering, hiking and kayaking. The park has a list of programs involving education, monitoring, cultural heritage, conservation and more.

Open from 8am until 30 minutes after sunset, this park saves natural spaces, protects the environment, restores natural habitats, and educates its visitors about environmental science and cultural heritage. In 2018, over 2,000 Wood County residents requested the area provided more biking opportunities and bike trails. Rudolph Bike Park is the answer to that request.

For more information about the park and all it has to offer, check out or call 419-353-1897. You can also find the park on the Wood County park district’s Facebook page.

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