PJ Library Offers Festive Hanukkah Activities for Kids

This year, PJ Library, a 17-year-old program of the Harold Grinspoon foundation, is providing free resources for those celebrating Hanukkah. Different recipes, activity ideas and podcasts will be included.

The Harold Grinspoon foundation delivers over 680,000 Jewish story books to children all over the world from infants to 12-year-olds. All books are delivered monthly, and thanks to their thousands of donors, free of charge! This year, the program will be celebrating its 50 millionth book. PJ’s Library team of experts and educators have created an age-appropriate reading list, giving children the best reading and learning experience possible. 

Jewish families from all backgrounds, including interfaith families, are given the opportunities to sign up their children to receive a book. A couple of resources solely focused on interfaith families are  Hanukkah Books for Interfaith Families and a blog post called No, We Don’t Celebrate Both

An example of a new picture book that is available on PJ Library’s Amazon store is called “Hanukkah at Monica’s” which encapsulates some of the pivotal parts of the holiday! Their Amazon store also has items like aprons and personalized calendars to make it easier to track holidays throughout the year. 

Lastly, it’s not just books PJ Library will be gifting children; there is also a Hanukkah hub. Through the Hanukkah hub, age-appropriate Hanukkah stories and activities are provided, one of which is a lava-themed lamp activity that allows children to create faux lava lamps.

Other activities families have access to through the Hanukkah hub are: 

 The Ultimate List of Books about Hanukkah 

10 Easy (and Kid-Approved) Hanukkah Recipes

The Easy Hanukkah Guide: Recipes, Gifts and Activities For Each Night

To donate to PJ Library visit http://pjlibrary.org/donate. To contact PJ Library, call 413-276-0800 or email pjlibrary@hgf.org.

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