PBS Encourages Young Writers Day

Save the date: April 10 is National Encourage a Young Writer Day, and PBS wants you to know it!

Do you have children and want to encourage literacy? Do you know a young child who loves to read, write, and/or draw? If so, you may want to remember the National Encourage a Young Writer Day on April 10! Unsure of where to begin, or need ideas? PBS Kids has a variety of resources for all ages and stages of development, easily searchable on their website. Here are some ideas from PBS Kids to get started:

Encouraging literacy development is extremely important for a young child’s developing brain; the earlier the better! PBS Parents offers examples of activities that encourage literacy, including doodling and scribbling for toddlers (be sure to have thick crayons or markers for small hands and fingers), reading a bedtime book together that suits your child’s interests, displaying your child’s work on the refrigerator or other highly visible areas in your home, and simply offering praise that conveys pride in your child’s accomplishments. These simple activities promote your child’s development with communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving, as well as the fine motor skills needed to hold a pencil all day when they begin school. 

If you have older children, consider daily writing prompts for your aspiring author in a personal journal or challenge them to attempt different writing styles like current events, poetry, fantasy, and even blog posts! Encourage them to read independently at home and provide them with books or magazines of subjects that are interesting to your individual child. You could even begin a writing group with your child and their friends, participate in writing contests through PBS, public libraries, or submit their work to organizations like Story Pirates, a group of professionals who use children’s submissions for songs and sketches on their website. Some companies, like IlluStory, will send your child everything they need to create their own book. Once your child has finished their creation, send it back, and in 2-3 weeks a hardbound version of it arrives. 

However you decide to celebrate this fantastic day, be sure to share it on social media with #EncourageAYoungWriterDay! 

Other websites that promote young authors:

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