Mothers’ Center of Greater Toledo Open House

Mothers’ Center of Greater Toledo is a local nonprofit that has brought mothers and their families together for support, fun, friendship and much more since 1984! From regular meetings and playdates to social activities and community involvement, Mothers’ Center consists of a group of everyday moms who want to connect with other mothers throughout the greater Toledo community. 

Open House Dates
The Mothers’ Center of Greater Toledo recently held their annual Fall Open House on Thursday, September 9, and they will be having another Open House on Tuesday, September 14.

The meeting on September 9 featured two options: a morning gathering in-person, beginning at 10am at the Woodlands Park playground in Perrysburg, and an evening option via Zoom at 8:30pm. 

The September 14th meeting will be an in-person gathering at 7pm at Panera Bread on Central Avenue. This meeting will be an exclusive meeting with the Executive Mommas sub-group for a chance to engage with all the new working members. While the Executive Mommas group mainly caters to working moms, all mothers are welcome to attend!

During the Open House, attendees will meet group members and have a chance to ask questions about the organization, its purpose, its benefits and how to join, as well as asking members how the Mothers’ Center has helped them navigate motherhood. One member, Morgan, says, “I’m so excited that I found a community of like-minded mamas. Being brand new to motherhood, I was craving that connection to humans going through the exact same things. I just joined, but I already feel so welcomed and I’m excited to see the friendships that blossom out of this experience!”

The group’s many features, including a babysitting co-op, the Executive Mommas sub-group for professional mothers, social events, community outreach, and more will also be presented and discussed.

All interested mothers, parents or grandparents and child caregivers are invited to join the free event to learn about the organization. 

Follow the public page on Facebook for details of the event or check the organization’s events page for further details.


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