Kids Astrology: Libra (September 23-October 22)

There is a great focus on balance and your little Libra’s self-esteem. The way that you listen to your child allows them to understand that they are perfect the way they are. If they are feeling low, it’s probably because they feel off-balance, and this month is going to be a teeter-totter for them! For their birthday celebration, do something heartfelt to empower them and to help them feel autonomous. Start with doing this exercise: sit with them and wrap them up in a blanket. Then read a book that creates a quiet ambiance. Remember that balance is key for your Libra child. Then shift their imagination to their perfect birthday party this year. Children will naturally be able to go there. This exercise connects them with their imagination and also creates a parent-child connection. You’ll move to a new level together, and individually.

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