Keeping Our Girls Safe: Empowerment Gift Boxes

After the tragic abduction and murder of local teen, Sierah Joughin, in 2016, Keeping Our Girls Safe was created to bring awareness to such violence. The organization also empowers women to learn self-defense techniques with the hope of preventing future tragedies, and to honor Sierah’s life. 

This holiday season you can purchase an Empowerment Gift Box, the proceeds of which go directly to KOGS, as well as to JJs SafeHouse. The two available gift boxes, each $45, contain a t-shirt, self-defense keychain, empowerment sticker, and a self-defense notecard with tips and resources. The proceeds from the sales go directly to free self-defense classes, education, and advocacy for women at risk of violence. 

KOGS also accepts donations to fund initiatives that help keep the girls in our community safe. To learn more about the history of the organization, along with ways to volunteer, become a sponsor, or participate in their motorcycle ride fundraiser, visit The organization can also be found on Facebook and Instagram, where you can learn the latest news about their fundraisers and other community events.

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