Glass City Metropark Phase 2 Brings Restaurant, Splash Pad and Progress

On June 9, 2023, phase 2 of Glass City Metropark opened, reflecting the community’s goal of turning brownfield land into a waterfront park. Glass City Metropark also completed the first section of a larger project called Glass City Riverwalk, which has a goal of establishing a city center with 300 acres of greenspace. 

The community’s commitment to achieving their goals with Glass City Metropark can be noted in voter support for a levy campaign in November 2022, when Chrys Peterson chaired a levy campaign to raise public funding that ended up covering more than half the cost of the Riverwalk project. 

New features that come with phase 2 of Glass City Metropark include The Ribbon (an ice skating and roller skating trail), The Garden by Poco Piatti (the first restaurant in a Metropark), Market Hall (a building that houses the restaurant, skate rentals, restrooms, and changing rooms), and three nature-themed play areas. For visitors who want to explore beyond Glass City Metropark, a connection to an existing trail at International Park offers a solution. 

Other activity options in the park include observing art scattered throughout the park, such as “The Beacon,” a 50-foot tower that represents the smokestacks of past property, and “Slag Ladles,” an artwork made of industrial objects found onsite. The park will continue to offer new opportunities for artists to display their work, as October will bring a new sculpture made of glass spheres. Artists are also completing a mural on the bridge over Main Street as a tribute to nature and the history of East Toledo. 

Dave Zenk, executive director of Metroparks Toledo, commented on how phase 2 of the park is especially valuable as the first of many proposed plans for the property to become a reality. 

Although the broader Glass City Metropark is open daily (7 am-10 pm), each facility in the park has slightly distinct hours. Market Hall is open from 9 am-9pm daily, and The Garden is open daily for lunch and dinner. To learn more about Glass City Metropark, visit their website.

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