2023 Kids Astrology: Virgo (August 23-September 22)

This month your Virgo child is going to want to tap into their intuition. I suggest some imagination exercises because imagination is the key to developing intuition. When planning your child’s birthday, let them feel with their mind! As parents, make an invitation list to teach them to connect with the people they feel the happiest with rather than the people they feel obliged to invite. An exercise for kids called “Love your Child’s Imagination” takes five minutes each day for three days doing an imagination exercise. Have your child lie down on a blanket with you, then ask them to close their eyes and imagine they are at their next birthday party and have them imagine that it is full of shapes and colors. Ask them what shapes and colors they are seeing, then ask them to sense them. Do they feel them? Do they smell anything?  Do they hear anything?  What do they taste, and what are the colors telling them? Then get a piece of paper and go through each question. They will let you know, for instance, what they were chasing and you’ll know what kind of food and cake to have. Loving your Virgo child’s imagination is key to helping them develop future creative skills and the party will be perfect because they created it with you.

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