2022: A Year in Review

A new year typically brings with it the pressure to look ahead. This year, I want to look back at what I’ve accomplished. You see, this time last year I completed a YearCompass New Year’s Resolutions journal (see more about this in “My Favorite Things” below), which prompted me to think about what I’d like to focus on, and it specified to “dream big.” Among the things I wanted to do in 2022 that I actually made progress on? Here are just a few:

  1. Joining a local community group to build connections: Check! I joined the Toledo Writer’s Workshop and am loving it.
  2. Make more time for reading: I made myself do it by joining a book club through the Toledo Museum of Art.
  3. Vacation to a state you’ve never been to: I went to Maine, and I one-upped myself by going to Quebec after that!

As I look over my goals, many of them are still in progress (writing the first draft of my novel, for one…it is 15 percent complete though!), but that’s okay. I truly think if I hadn’t dreamt big by writing down what I really want, I wouldn’t have even taken the first steps toward doing any of these things.

That’s what I would like to encourage our readers to do this year: don’t just look ahead. Also think of what you need to let go. Every year we grow and change, so every year we have to take that into account when we plan for the future. 

One thing most of us think about during the new year is our health, whether it’s mental health or physical, so we have our local doctors weighing in on important practices in our Health & Wellness Guide. This issue also has a sweet feature about kids who go to work with their parents, a review of Barry Bagels downtown to celebrate the local chain’s 50th anniversary, and profiles on two of our favorite nonprofits.

Speaking of favorites, make sure to visit Toledoparent.com to nominate your favorite local businesses today!

Happy New Year!
Erin Holden
Assignment Editor
Toledo Area Parent

My Favorite Things

  • TMA Family Art ClubHeld on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 11am-5pm, the Art Club is a laid-back event for kids of all ages. The Family Art Center has activities planned, but your child can also explore different art stations on their own, which is perfect for our 21-month-old.
  • LinkimalsThese Mattel toys each have a different learning focus (Counting Koala, Play Together Panda, and so on). Each addition to your collection can be linked to the rest, so they sing together. Townes loves them so much, especially Sloth and Penguin. We got him the new owl one for Christmas.
  • YearCompassAs I already mentioned in my letter, YearCompass is a very thoughtful New Year’s tool. It is free and printable at yearcompass.com.
  • Truly Acne KitThis skincare kit includes a cleansing bar that isn’t just for your face; it works for the whole body!

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