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Make it at Home! DIY Craft Recipes

Need some fresh ideas for fun? A few simple ingredients are all you need to mix up your own play dough, paint and more. They’re fun to make – and even more fun to play with. Moon Sand Moon sand is moldable like clay, but crumbles apart like sand, so kids can use it again


Does it feel like you have been in an endless cycle of cooking since quarantine started? Are you struggling to come up with tasty dishes that your children will actually eat and enjoy? Toledo Parent consulted the experts and rounded up some delicious, healthy and quick meals that the whole family can enjoy! Pad Thai

The Coronavirus and Children: What Should Parents Do?

With stay-at-home orders in place and families self-quarantining in their homes, many parents are faced with questions on how to properly communicate the severity of the coronavirus with their children, as well as what safety precautions to follow. Carrie Baker, CPNP, of Maumee Bay Pediatrics (MBP), an affiliate of The Toledo Clinic, shared her best