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The Arts Commission and Imagination Station invite you and your family to get creative. We want you to recreate architecture and sculptures around the City of Toledo in any building material you want such as Legos, K’nex, Lincoln Logs, foam core, found items, etc. You are only limited by your imagination! Submissions can also be

June 2020 Issue

Family Favorites: Educational Toys   Social Distancing Can’t Stop Mission at Bittersweet Farms   Children’s Theatre Moves Online to Offer Free Virtual Content   The Arts Commission Announces High School Award Winners   Soccer Shots Toledo is Still Kickin’   Toledo Area High School Seniors Could Earn $1,000 Scholarship   The Front Porch Project  

At Home Online Learning Resources and Podcasts for Kids

During this time, things might be crazy at home, and your kids are probably adjusting to their new online schooling. Here are some fun resources to help further their education and keep them entertained and learning. These resources are free or may be offering temporary free access during this time. Academics Play games and watch

Fitness Fun: Time to Move

Get active and expend energy with these fitness activities with a full day of movement. Fitness Challenges Get moving with this fun game from Paperelli for I Heart Naptime. Download and assemble the three cubes—two are activity cubes and one is for timing. Roll two of the dice, and then perform the activity for the amount

Have a Backyard Campout!

Whether you pitch a tent and sleep under the stars, create your own teepee, or just spread an old sheet on the ground, camping in your back yard is a fun way to connect with nature. Plus, you can always head back inside if it rains! Tips for a successful backyard campout: Gather everything you’ll

Make it at Home! DIY Craft Recipes

Need some fresh ideas for fun? A few simple ingredients are all you need to mix up your own play dough, paint and more. They’re fun to make – and even more fun to play with. Moon Sand Moon sand is moldable like clay, but crumbles apart like sand, so kids can use it again