Here’s what I learned that served me and my children well: pick your spots.  Consider the request.  If you are always saying no, chances are that some of those no’s are negotiable, and a child knows it.  But if...
The benefits of breastfeeding have returned to the main stage over the past several decades. This sacred practice has once again been mainstreamed, and more women are choosing to breastfeed their babies. But what do you do with your...

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New Kids Spring Edition: Family Friendly Toledo Businesses

There is perhaps nothing more relaxing than a long soak in the tub, aided by the addition of a soothing and fragrant bath bomb. ...

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Art Classes for Kids to Enjoy: Toledo Area Favorites

Does your child have an awesome imagination? Maybe they love to color or play with Play-Doh? Well the fine arts might just be something you’d like to have them explore further. We have some great options for art classes in the Toledo area where little Picassos can learn and create!

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Rialto Jean Project Owner Navigates New Mom Life

Running a business while entering motherhood may seem daunting or impossible, but for Rialto Jean Project (RJP) founder Erin Feniger Maggio, it’s what she...

Mosaic Ministries Helps Families in Toledo’s Old South End

Fifteen years ago, Kelly and David Kaiser took over leadership of a small church in Toledo’s Old South End and began serving a weekly...

The Ohana Project: Helping Youth Who Age Out of Foster Care

In America there are over 400,000 children in foster care. 23,000 of those children will age out of care. Children who age out of...

Years in the Making: Local author’s The Kindness Machine released

Standing in the shadow of the Jerome Library in 2007, Bowling Green State University freshman Christina Dankert decided she wanted to write a book. “It’s such a breathtaking...


2018 Maternity and Baby Guide

If you’re a first time parent or you’re expecting your fourth child, the birth of a new baby is an exciting time. Parenthood is quite the journey-it’s beautiful and messy and exhausting.